From the desk of Secretary

My inner conscience was pricking and prompting me to do something for the enhancement of higher education in Ujhani consequently a thought of starting a degree college flushed into my mind.

I was deterred and disappointed to perform this Himalayan task. Soon I reminded a Hindi poem which beckoned and encouraged me.

iFk D;k ifFkd dq'kyrk D;k] ftl iFk esa fc[kjs 'kwy uk gksaA

ek>h dh dk;Z dq'kyrk D;k] ;fn /kkjk;sa izfrdwy uk gksaAA

                This poem gave me impetus and I girded up my lion to march on and on though many problems stood in my way like Shursa but I was reminded of Hanuman ji who never cared for these barriers and brought Sanjeevani. So this Sanjeevani before you in the form of APM Degree College.

                I am definite that this institution will rise higher and higher and will bring name and fame on the map of India.

                I pray God that he may help me in my mission and turn it into a university.

Ram Prakesh Sharma



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