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College Name –     Ayoudhya Prasad Memoriyal (P.G.) College

Address –             City Office : APS Finance Company Complex, Opp. HDFC Bank,

                            Station Road, Ujhani (Budaun)

Phone -                 9927534232, (05832) 262020 Fax : (05832) 264126

website :                www.apmdcollege.com    

email :                   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Ayodhya Prasad Memorial P.G. College is more than 23 year old. It is a matter of pleasure coated with sense of satisfaction that it has lived up to the expectation with which it was started in 1993.It was an attempt on the part of my esteemed father who was simple sober but of philanthropic views he was well aware of the importance of education. He not only desired but also propelled us to do something for the development of education in the town. Right from the inception the management has a conductive approach for the academic environment complemented by best possible infrastructure made available to the student and faculty members. The orientation of the staff members is an index to successful cultivation of academic environment in the institution. Along with the time the challenges to improve, innovate and maintain the standards. I am confident that dynamic leadership of Principal Dr.Narendra Singh and his highly qualified team of staff members have the potential to explore ever growing heights of educational skill.

I also wish that student passing from this college serve our country to the best of their ability. My best wishes are with principal, faculty members and students for the bright future. We assure all kind of co-operation for the progress of the college and creating enlightened mind for tomorrow .We expect the blessing of almighty in this pious mission.

Vishnu Bhagwan Agarwal



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