My inner conscience was pricking and prompting me to do something for the enhancement of higher education in Ujhani consequently a thought of starting a degree college flushed into my mind.
I was deterred and disappointed to perform this Himalayan task. Soon I reminded a Hindi poem which beckoned and encouraged me.

पथ क्या पथिक कुशलता क्या, जिस पथ में बिखरे शूल ना हों।
माझी की कार्य कुशलता क्या, यदि धारायें प्रतिकूल ना हों।।

This poem gave me impetus and I girded up my lion to march on and on though many problems stood in my way like Shursa but I was reminded of Hanuman ji who never cared for these barriers and brought Sanjeevani. So this Sanjeevani before you in the form of APM Degree College. I am definite that this institution will rise higher and higher and will bring name and fame on the map of India.
I pray God that he may help me in my mission and turn it into a university.
Ram Prakesh Sharma