सपना वह नहीं जो हम नींद में देखते है ,सपना वह है जो हमारी नींद उड़ा दे |

I am happy that your ward proposes to join the A.P.M.(P.G). College, Ujhani and become the member of vast APM family.
It is our earnest Endeavour to impart to our students and all round education which will enable them to develop their personality and to gain a true perspective of the ultimate values of life .We give them opportunity to learn the lesson of social service. In brief the college aims at the all round developments of our student’s personality.
We believe in good relationship amongst the administration and administered along with sound relation between teacher and thought. Every student should feel free to put their academic problems before their teachers and teachers should treat them like their good pupils.
The ultimate aim of the college is to train their boys and girls who will go out into life with the key to culture with ability to read and to understand and to serve the family and society.
No doubts that the education and skills that you hope to acquire from our college will enable you to ‘stand-up’ on your feet and will enrich you ‘start-up’ your own enterprises.
We hope then you will be able to contribute to the enrichment of family, society and the nation. Dr. M.S. Agarwal